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'400? That can't be right. Check again.'
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+ Launch: Rockets [extinctionevent/atomic/heat-seeking/chaff/warrocketajax/guided/celebratory] +

+ Having a breather every 100 posts is a nice chance to look back and take stock. It's been a busy year, and one in which I've completed a few projects, continued some ongoing ones, and failed miserably to do much with others. Since we're so close to the end of the year, I thought I'd use this opportunity to take stock of where my hobby has wandered this year. +

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+ Before that, I'd like to say thank-you. Getting feedback, comments and praise from the broader noosphere of the community has been invaluable, so please accept my blurt of appreciate praisecode:

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+ While I enjoy writing for the love of it, your comments and contact are invaluable in keeping this blog going, so please don't be shy in getting in contact. You can reach me through the COMMENTARY SUBMISSION ACCESS at the end of each post, and Death of a Rubricist has also grown outwards this year, burrowing its semi-sentient tendrils into Facebook [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] and Instagram [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]. You are most cordially invited. +


+ Projects: Active+

Officio Monstrosa/The Tzi'Na Crisis

I've had a surge of interest for my Iron Warriors, owing to some fun games of 8th edition. I've got twenty or so marines primed and ready for paint, and the Iron Circle are literally on the painting table.

The gaming group have also got a bit of movement on a new Chaos versus Tau campaign – the Tzi'Na Crisis – in which they'd fit nicely.


The sister blog for the PCRC's Necromunda expy [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] is up and running, and I'm itching to get going on some old-school gang warfare.

To the left you can see some Dramatis Personae...

The Alien Wars

I had really hoped to get further with this, but alas, life has got in the way. Nevertheless, this is a really fun and relatively enclosed project, so I want to get on with it.

Apart from anything else, I've got a pile of marines that I'm itching to build! 

+ Projects: Complete +

Shadow War: Armageddon

A couple of very enjoyable standalone commissions – killteams of Iron Warriors and Night Lords – made up a lot of my modelling/painting time this year.

Nur Na Phom

I was also involved in Iron Sleet's Thorn Moon invitational, which is currently being revealed piece-by-piece over there [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+], so apologies for the teaser image. 

I've got an inload with more pic-captures and commentary ready to roll as soon as they appear on IS.


I finished building and painting a mob of Witchhunters for Shallowell (our Mordheim proxy), who have bumbled back and forth to geekends while enthusiasm is elsewhere. 

Within this category I'll also fold my dwarfs – PCRC buddy TrojanNinja has challenged me to a game in March, so the Throng of Nog will be on the move then – and Shadespire, a great standalone game. While not complete, finishing the painting is a definite side-project for a rainy day.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster 

This fan-made spin-off of the popular X-wing game has really picked up steam amongst the PCRC, with Spectre squadron doing pretty well. The main game is fun, but I really enjoy the co-op aspect of this. 

Having just a single ship (the Y-wing named with a hint of irony Fancy-Fancy) that's all painted and packed in my painting case made this a great self-enclosed project that I was pleased to complete.

+ Projects: Bubbling under +

May You Live Forever

Iron Hands, White Scars, and random guardsmen; oh my! A narrative-driven catch-all project that I always love working on; the unfortunately-acronymed MYLF has suffered from always being pushed aside for a project I need for a game. While I can use Tithonus (currently lurking in the Corestack Relics box at top right) and his 'friends' for games, they're really more of an opportunity for me to play around with making models. You can follow the story here [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]

The Leviathan on the left is getting impatient; but whether he ends up in the Iron Hands or Iron Warriors is up to fate... 

Court of the Sun King

Ah, poor Polyphy. Will you ever get painted? I hope so. Like May You Live Forever, I always want to dedicate more time to this than I really have available.

I'm going to push ahead and see if I can get the PCRC – or perhaps some of the noosphere's Inq28 gamers? – to play a few games with me. I've got some scenarios all prepped to run; just need some interested parties to indulge my storytelling hat. If you're in the UK (or are even visiting!) and fancy playing a sort of boardgame-cum-RP game on Cepheus, get in touch. 

The #polyphyrises invitational is much more humble than that of Iron Sleet but it remains open if you'd like to get involved. I've seen a couple of fantastic ones, that I'd like to host as a guest inload at some point soon. 

The Six Species Invitational

love Blood Bowl. Why don't I play it more often?

This is another frustrating project that probably just needs a weekend of dedicated painting to get completed, perhaps finishing Chaunterwick Unathletic will be my Sanguinalia Christmas project. 

+ In addition to the above, there are projects that have reached a natural plateau – the Praetors of Calth, the Guard of Lambs' World. These 'don't count', as they're effectively somnolent. I like having some a couple of armies I regard as complete; ready to be pulled out and played with/added to/adapted as the fancy takes me. +

+ As you can see, that's quite a lot of projects; no wonder my hobby time feels a bit busy! In order, then, my short-term plan is to tackle:
  • Finish the Iron Circle
  • Getting Chaunterwick Unathletic painted and played with
  • Something from the Alien Wars – more likely building than painting.

+ Of course, I'm sure I've missed some stuff – no mention of Epic/Titanicus here, for example (or The Eightfold Path, now I think of it). Is there anything I've posted or mentioned that you'd like to see? Let me know below. +


+ Marginalia, conclusions and a look ahead +

+ Overall, this has been a good year. I would like M3.018 to be one of slightly more disciplined consolidation, closing off a few projects and building on others, rather than the madcap hopping around of M3.017. +

+ I'd also like to get more involved in the noospheric community – playing, contributing, and meeting new and like-minded players – so if you've got a similar itch, perhaps we could organise a meet up at Warhammer World? Feel free to add some thoughts – and any suggestions for the blog in general – in the comments below. +


  1. Great recap; I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of the 'Alien Wars' project!

    1. Throatchoppa's mob need a good hiding, so I'd better crack on, eh? ;)

  2. Hurrah for milestones!

    Quite enjoy reading your blog, even if the particular post is about about something I do not play, it is always interesting to read what you have written, and look through your work.

    1. Ta very much; nice to hear. Thanks for reading!

  3. An enjoyable read as always. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Blood Bowl team as well as the Golgatham campaign. If I had the time I'd totally be up for taking part in your COSK RPG (hope that doesn't sound too bad an acronym for the Sun King's Court).


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