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+ Painting Night Lords +

+ Solidly WIP, I thought I'd scribble down some notes; as much for myself as anyone else! The aim of this is to give a very dead, neutral black. Normally this is something I'd avoid, but I want to rob the Night Lords of any vigour or warmth – all the better to get their bitterrness across; and more importantly, to make sure that the blue, gold and red scheme doesn't look cartoony. +

+ Night Lords' midnight plate +

_1 Undercoat grey (as always, I use Halford's primer).
_2 Basecoat blue areas with Necron Abyss, and metals with Abaddon Black.
_3 Glaze with a mix of Necron Abyss and Abaddon Black, thinned using flow enhancer.
_4 While wet, touch in Nuln Oil in the recesses, and lift away excess glaze from points of highlight.
_5 Mix The Fang (what a particularly dreadful name for a paint) with Necron Abyss, thin with flow enhancer and add initial highlights.
_6 Gradually add Vallejo white to the initial highlight mix and build up. Keep these sparing.
_7 Reglaze with Drakenhof Nightshade to soften any starkness in the highlights. Add Druchii Violet to the recesses to further deepen the shading.
_8 Once dry, dilute an even mix of Vallejo white and Necron Abyss and paint a few forking marks to represent the effect of the suit's lightning generators. Don't overdo it – subtle is best. 
_9 Add more white to the mix and thin further, then retrace the lines.
_10 Use pure white to reinforce just the points at which the lightning divides.
_11 If necessary, you can go back and clean up the lightning with negative painting – just paint Necron abyss over any splodges.

+ The metal is simply a 50:50 mix of Boltgun Metal and Auric Armour Gold washed over with Agrax Earthshade – again, I wanted an anaemic, thin-looking gold, to heighten the sense of darkness and also to avoid contrasting heavily. No point in painting moody blue-black only to spoil it by making the gold look like sweetie wrappers. +

+ These chaps are coming along well, I think, The eyes need enriching and there's plenty of detailing to do, but they're proving an enjoyable challenge. +


  1. Love the Night Lords; definitely my favourite traitor legion. Such a tragic tale....

    You've definitely done them justice with this paint job! <3

    1. Thanks GG – still WIP, but I don't want to lose the depth of tone and general murkiness.

  2. Interesting choice of paint scheme, looking forward to seeing how they develop

    1. Thank you. Basing completed, and the other two are coming on well now.


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