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+ Lamb's World infantry +

+ I still think of this as a 'new army', but the Lamb's World 117th is getting on a bit now. The models are essentially Elysians with head swaps (mostly the FW Cadian Respirator heads, but some from other sources including the short Specialist Games run of Necromunda Van Saar) and the rebreather on the torsos removed. +

+ I've always like the image of well-trained but regular soldiers, and so as with my other armies, the army was built with that in mind – the troops as the standard, middle-of-the-road option; determinedly non-elite, non-specialist. +

+ I've found this handy. First off, it means the army is largely future-proofed. Like space marine tactical squads or ork boyz, Imperial Guard infantry are always going to be the basic choice in the army list. I've seen other Guard armies change from being 'Veterans' to 'Conscripts' and back, but the Lamb's Worlders have always been (and likely will always be) plain old guard infantry. This makes writing lists from one edition to the next relatively painless. +

+ Despite the age of the army, I'm pleased with the paintjob on them. Camouflage and a little clean painting to contrast with it goes a long way to cover up flaws, and earthy colours are amongst the easiest to paint. I am glad I went with a semi-desert scheme, as it's versatile and works on most gameboards. +

+ Looking back over the army is a good way to see how my hobby has changed. These were definitely painted with an event in mind; and tackled en masse rather than individually. Still, I think they hold up if you inspect them – they're all done to the largely the same standard, even the characters. I've never been good at painting models more or less carefully in relation to their battlefield importance or role. +

+ The number of mortars in the army – nine or so – is a good symbol of contrariness. At the time the army was built, mortars were the cheap, rubbish option. You never saw them on the table; and I thought that was a shame – I've always liked things being a bit different. Perhaps they'll prove their worth in 8th edition? +

+ Having said there are no elites and that the army was all done at once, the grenadiers here belie that. These models are from Heresy Miniatures, and wer added after the campaign weekend I took the army to. I think they've only seen the field once – where they and their Valkyrie transport were shot down in short order! +

+ Finally today, a platoon commnder. Nothing much to say here except that the torso of the model is from the FW tank commander kit, I think. +


+ Gaming with the army +

The list for tomorrow looks like this:

Lamb’s World 117th – Arcturus theatre

[50 power]
Battle-forged: 3 Command Points
Battalion Detachment: +3 Command Points – required choices in bold.

HQ [7]
  • Caef Burton Gogh – Company commander [3]
  • Commissar Salem-Czet – Lord Commissar [4]

Troops [23]
  • Blood Angels Squad Raphael – 5 Intercessors [5]
  • Imperial Guard Infantry squad – 10 men [3]
  • Imperial Guard Infantry squad – 10 men [3]
  • Imperial Guard Infantry squad – 10 men [3]
  • Imperial Guard Infantry squad – 10 men [3]
  • Stormtroopers – 10 men, flamer [6]

Elites [14]
  • Lief Moorwing – Platoon commander [2]
  • Ratlings [2]
  • Special Weapons Squad [3]
  • Command Squad [3]
  • Command Squad [3]
  • Astropath [1]

Fast Attack [3]
  • Rough Riders [3]

Heavy Support [3]

  • Heavy weapons squad [3]


  1. Great looking Guard, those heads really do look quite badass.

  2. The 'future-proofing' idea of building an army around basic infantry is a solid one, but are we still certain Space Marine Tactical Squads are as future-proof as they once were? ;)


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