+ inload: Muster LXVII +

+ Muster LXVI: Designate Bogazkazen +

+ Small groups called Basjibazuk were deployed broadly by the Iron Warriors in many campaigns. Analogous to Seeker Teams, they operated as ranging units, operating semi-independently of the Grand Companies. +

+ Each unit was hand-picked and tended to operate together until reduced beyond reasonable operational capacity. Most started as teams of sixteen or so Astartes, and would fight until reduced to two or three. +

+ Bogazkazen, Muster LXVI, were formed prior to the events on Isstvan, where they served as part of the hunter-killer teams that scoured the planet after the Dropsite Massacre. Just four members remained by the Siege of Terra, a petty officer called Barca Karthagos, weapon specialist Panormus, the hulking marksman Eryx, and the intelligence-insurgent Hippacre. +






Rory (Stepping Between Games) said...

I do always like the little background pieces that accompany your posts, as well as the nice models of course.

Livan said...

Barca's face is awesome.