+ inload: Witchhunters of Shallowell +

+ Witchhunters +

+ Quick, dirty and done. No, not their modus operandi, but the paintjob on these witchhunters. As you can see from these pictures – taken last thing at night – the paint's still wet, but they're complete enough to take part in the PCRC's opening game set in the town of Shallowell. +

+ The game is a bit of a tutorial – only the organiser, Lord Blood the Hungry – has played Mordheim before, but he's been beavering away building a very cool little town – I'm looking forward to getting some pictures of the game. +

+ Before that, though, here's a quick peek of my band of merry frightful worshippers of Alluminas. They're a good example of the sort of finish I get from batch painting – nothing to look at individually, but with a good cohesive feel. +

+ The Witchhunters themselves mainly wear heavy leather coats, painted with a simple mix of sepia ink, Charadon Granite and Abaddon Black paint. The models are loaded down with quite a lot of detail, so – aside from the old man on the right – these will probably just get some grass tufts and cleaner highlighting before I call them properly finished. The old witchhunter will benefit from some freehand – something like some damage to his breastplace and a chequered set of hose, perhaps. +

+ Very few worshippers of Alluminas can be called sane – and these flagellants are not counted amongst them! Their bright white robes, torches and bells are intended to draw the attention of their enervating deity. +

+ A chirrhound and three bullying lunks with hammers. Not much to say about them paint-wise, beyond that they were a bit more interesting than the mostly-black witchhunters and mostly-white flagellants. +

+ To finish, a terrible pict-capture of the group. Two further chirrhounds and a horse (and an extraneous flagellant) still await paint – but I decided I'd rather field most of the group painted to a slightly better level than all of them at an earlier stage. +

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