+ inload: Witchhunters and Thallax +

+ inload: And now for something completely different +

+ A change is as good as a rest. For a while, my blog seems to have been crammed with Space Marine after Space Marine, in a variety of blacks and silvers. Not the most cheery when spooling through! +

+ Witchhounds +

+ One of the PCRC has recently been bitten by the Mordheim bug, so we've been building bands of merry (or creepy) men to explore Shallowell, a mysterious town in the Tallowlands – our little corner of Fantasy-land that sits somewhere between the Old World and the new Realms. +

+ I've decided that a ghost town is clearly the world of witches, and so a group of rough and ruthless Witchhunters is clearly the best approach. Flames, hammers and hats are the order of the day. +

+ The models are a mix of bits from all over the place; mainly the various Empire kits. I've built them with Court of the Sun King half in mind; these chaps can pull double-duty on Cepheus, if required. +

+ Thallax +

+ Creepy concept, these. Rather than fitting armoured suits around their best soldiers, the Mechanicum of Mars chop bits off their troops to fit them into the best suits. Brutalised physically and mentally, the thallax corps are left as shadows of their former selves – but fierce and dangerous. +

+ I picked up a bunch of these a while back, choosing the weaponry on the tried-and-tested approach of 'ooh that looks cool'. Of the nine, five are built as shown – one has an irad-cleanser (a sort of radiation flamethrower), one has a plasma weapon of some sorts. The remaining three have lightning guns, which are their standard guns. The unbuilt four have three more more lightning guns, and one multi-melta. +

+ They were surprisingly quick to build. Partly this is because they're straight out of the box (no conversion here), but mainly it's because despite looking quite large and complex, they're very nicely designed. Everything seems to fit quite well, even the accursed cables. I love the aesthetic of dripping cables, but cripes they're annoying to position and attach. +

+ A scale shot here alongside one of my Space Marines (I know, I know) shows the Thallax's size. The models were supplied with 40mm bases, but I've gone with 32mm ones in order to work better with the typically dense terrain we use for our gaming. +

+ Since building them, I've been reading around the noosphere to find out what they do, and they look pretty beefy – a solid elite-level statline and powerful weapons will make them a very different prospect from my usual gaming approach of 'shovel on more soldiers'. Apparently they're jet troops, too; which is a first for me. +


  1. Awesome stuff! The thallax are a fine addition to any Heresy army, especially the Iron Hands though. They can pretty hard and are jump-infantry, last I checked, which can make them quite a nuisance for the enemy.

  2. Love that Warband!

    I was so frustrated with the cables on my Thallax i cut them off and replaced them with guitar wire! not quite the same, but dam, the whole lot would've ended up in the bin otherwise.


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