+ inload: Brave men and women of the Calth IVth +

+ Calth IVth Rifles +

+ A fairly self-explanatory shot of some new infantry to support my Ultramarines. These are Arcadian Guard from Victoria Miniatures [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]. The figures are lovely miniatures produced in a resin that is a great balance of rigidity without brittleness. This means the characterful details are captured well; and they are cleanly produced. +

+ I was very impressed with the posing, too – with separate weapons, I was anticipating them being a bit fiddly, but the arms have been very well designed to give a variety of natural poses that go together cleanly and securely. +

+ I'd painted one of Vic's miniatures before; the limited edition banner bearer below, and had assumed that the casting quality of that was unusual – but judging from the squad I bought recently, it seems the high quality was typical. +

+ Mainly bought because I like the models – they're clearly based on GW's older Cadian models, which I loved – these will be painted up in muted brown camouflage to go with my much-delayed Aldebaran Regiment (see below):

+ The intention is to have both groups pull double duty for the Age of Darkness and 40k; with the different models potentially representing different unit types (e.g. Militia conscripts, regular infantry, veterans). +

+ Another benefit is that these models are a bit more reasonably sized than GW's plastic Cadians, which means the stature of the Astartes becomes more obvious:


  1. I really like these models, but I have too many projects in my table (also a Real Scale army) to buy them and forgot them in a box for uncount years. Waiting to see them painted

  2. Wow, those do work really well with the marines. Should look good in brown camo.

    I might need to pick up a squad of these myself, they look like they could play the role of "PDF", particularly with the autogun option.

  3. Always liked her work, though had not seen a comparison photo of the Hasslefree officer before; he just made my monthly hobby purchase list, cheers!

    Project looking great, first time visit - going to have to 'Sub methinks! :D

  4. Hey Apologist, is there any chance I could bother you for the paint recipe for the standard bearer?

    I just ordered 30x Arcadians from Victoria myself, and I've been scouring the internet for weeks for inspiration...pretty set on doing the classic 'cadian' scheme, but then I saw this. Remind me of the Colonial Marines from 'Aliens' in a great way. I'd love to know your color choices!

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for the kind words. The scheme's an adaptation of my Lamb's World scheme, which is detailed here:


      Hope it's useful!

    2. Oop - I'm sorry I somehow missed that article! Thank you so much. Extremely helpful. Your blog really has it all!

  5. Hey Apologist,

    Is there any chance you would share the paint recipe for your standard bearer? I think it's brilliant.

    I recently ordered 30x Arcadians from Victoria Lamb myself, and I have been scouring the internet for week for inspiration. I am pretty set on doing the classic Cadian scheme, but then I saw this! It reminds me of Colonial Marines from 'Aliens' in a great way.

  6. Hey again!

    If I could be overly annoying...I just wanted to confirm that on the standard bearer, it looks like the armor is the same color you use on the boots in the image - a brown color rather than a green armor scheme like the other Lamb's World troops. Could I bother you for that particular color?

    If not - no worries! I'm sorry to spam you.

    1. Not at all. The brown on the boots is likely Calth Brown, washed with Devlan Mud. However, the armour is likely Charadon Granite, washed with Nuln Oil.


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