+ inload: Brave men and women of the Calth IVth +

+ Calth IVth Rifles +

+ A fairly self-explanatory shot of some new infantry to support my Ultramarines. These are Arcadian Guard from Victoria Miniatures [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]. The figures are lovely miniatures produced in a resin that is a great balance of rigidity without brittleness. This means the characterful details are captured well; and they are cleanly produced. +

+ I was very impressed with the posing, too – with separate weapons, I was anticipating them being a bit fiddly, but the arms have been very well designed to give a variety of natural poses that go together cleanly and securely. +

+ I'd painted one of Vic's miniatures before; the limited edition banner bearer below, and had assumed that the casting quality of that was unusual – but judging from the squad I bought recently, it seems the high quality was typical. +

+ Mainly bought because I like the models – they're clearly based on GW's older Cadian models, which I loved – these will be painted up in muted brown camouflage to go with my much-delayed Aldebaran Regiment (see below):

+ The intention is to have both groups pull double duty for the Age of Darkness and 40k; with the different models potentially representing different unit types (e.g. Militia conscripts, regular infantry, veterans). +

+ Another benefit is that these models are a bit more reasonably sized than GW's plastic Cadians, which means the stature of the Astartes becomes more obvious:


  1. I really like these models, but I have too many projects in my table (also a Real Scale army) to buy them and forgot them in a box for uncount years. Waiting to see them painted

  2. Wow, those do work really well with the marines. Should look good in brown camo.

    I might need to pick up a squad of these myself, they look like they could play the role of "PDF", particularly with the autogun option.

  3. Always liked her work, though had not seen a comparison photo of the Hasslefree officer before; he just made my monthly hobby purchase list, cheers!

    Project looking great, first time visit - going to have to 'Sub methinks! :D


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