+ inload: Ambush at Kalkriese – Ultramarines vs Orks part III +

+ inload: Ambush at Kalkriese – Ultramarines vs Orks +

+ The Apaesians of the 15th deploy to confront  the dread warlord of the Teknorkracy, Gashbag +

+ The preamble and background for this battle can be found in the inload below. +

+ The first part of the report itself can be found in the inload below. 

+ Extracted from the post-action report of Brother Vispanion, squad Secundus. +

+ Practical: Turns 3–4 +

+ Mark 0.08: Chaplain Highheart joined us; using the jumppack to redeploy from his position with Lieutenant Holion. +

Mark 0.10: The exchange of fire was fierce, but we were having the better of it as the day's light broke through the haze. By this point it was clear we were facing a large, well-supported and determined foe. The Lieutenant ordered us to engage and destroy – these were no opportunistic marauders: we would have to fight our way out of a well-laid trap.

Mark 0.12: Ork walkers advanced on the Legacy of Armatura; its' advance to shield the Lieutenant had left it perilously close. +

Mark 0.12: Still more pressing was the advance of ork heavy infantry, supported by their damnable heavy weapons. Two of Viginti were gunned down, despite their heavy breaching shields. +

+ Mark 0.14: North of the Market Square, concentration of fire was taking its toll on the advancing orks. The more open ground and press of fire from the Corinthians and Quintus all but eliminated their recon specialists and took a toll on their line infantry. I heard reports of psychic activity [Append: note psyker's wychlight at top left of attached pict-capture] +

Mark 0.16: The presence of Adamantine, our Dreadnought Talon, was proving crucial to shoring up the line – the orks initially appeared reluctant to approach. +

+ Mark 0.18: Lieutenant Holion ordered the forces in the south to fall back to the market square – avoiding a two-faced battle would let us concentrate our force on one front at a time. Unfortunately, as Legacy of Armatura drew back, the Viginti were just too slow. Left exposed, the orks surged forward, gunning down half a dozen of the Breachers in a storm of fire. +

Mark 0.23: During a brief lull, the Seekers of the 15th redeployed as their targets – the ork warlord and his retinue – advanced upon us. We were glad of the assistance – with orks to both the front and back, we were hard-pressed to prioritise. The Lieutenant and his forces were close on their heels, wheeling round the cover of the abandoned alehouse; slowed only by their hardened armour. +

Mark 0.25: Lieutenant Pullo alerted us to bio-enhanced cavalry using the ork armour as mobile cover. Truly the orks are a versatile and adaptable foe. +

+ Sub-orbital pict captures appended to shows relative positions immediately after the Contemptor's successful assault against the enemy's light walker squadron. +

Mark 0.27: The warlord [Gashbag] and his retinue deployed from their armoured transport in a clattering mass of armour plates. Our boltguns proved of little worth against their heavy protection. +

+ Fortunately, the Seeker's Scorpius specialist rounds proved more effective, snap-firing even as they disembarked from their Rhinos. The first ork elite toppled, blood sobbing from smoking holes in its powered suit. +

Meanwhile, on the southern side, we could hear the steady racking of an Anvilus autocannon array and the Land Raiders' heavy weapons as our support poured fire into the orks' heavy infantry. The orks were closing in all round us. Viginti closed up into a protective circle around the Lieutenant as he continued issuing a stream of clear-headed commands. +

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  1. Nice report so far, sticking with a narrative to it rather than dropping in any stats or dice rolls fits the theme of your blog and your armies.


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