+ inload: Heavy Support +

+ A bit of work in progress on a Heavy Support legionary, brother Miredan. Is there anything cooler in 40k than a giant underslung death ray? +

+ This is a Telerac-pattern Volkite Caliver. The way Forge World have designed these weapons makes them a great choice when converting true-scale marines, as the cabling/ammo feeds are provided as straight rods. These are then heated and bent into shape, which gives you a lot of freedom with posing when compared with the plastic heavy weapons I've mostly been using up until now. +

Plastic multimelta from the Officia Monstrosa project
+ As you can see, this chap is ticking over nicely. I've essentially completed Miredan aside from weathering and the basing. Not sure on the colour of his bionic eye and the moment. This is just a single layer of Winsor & Newton orange ink; I'm tempted to simply run with blue-white, as on the rest of the figure... +

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Joe McMahon said...

Hes looking good so far. I think you should keep the red bionic eye as it would contrast well with the blue helmet lense and would help excentuate it more (that's my fancy word for the day :)).