+ inload: We Are All Immortal Now +

+ 'May you live forever.' Everyone present understood the meaning. +

+ Afterwards, it didn't seem to matter quite so much. +

+ We were all going to die here. +

+ My shame seems to lose its tarnish when we stand against our brothers. It becomes, briefly, mirror-bright – a source, if not of pride, then at least of the chance of a better death. +

+ That I have died here, on this dead world, seems inevitable. I make this record for your unknown ear, simply because this treachery should be recorded. +

+  My brothers are unable, or unwilling to do it, and so another onerous duty falls to the Immortals. +

+ The forces ranged against us are colossal; and our forces few. Their betrayal has changed but one thing for us. We are no longer ashamed. +

+ We are all immortal now. +

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  1. You are getting so good at this that this guy doesn't even look bigger than a standard marine.


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