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+ A selection of objective markers, painted for my Officio Monstrosa project: 

+ These models are from the ill-fated Studio McVey game, Sedition Wars. I bought into the Kickstarter mainly for the models, but when they turned up the models held none of the appeal of the sublime metals and resins I'd previously bouht from the McVeys. With hindsight, this was probably foreseeable, and I hold no ill-feelings towards the game or studio. +

+ These bits of terrain were a silver lining to the affair. Nice, chunky tech-gizmos and crates that paint up very quickly and effectively. These were based on 25mm bases – I wanted these objectives (unlike terrain) to be based in order to make it clear they are playing pieces rather than backdrop. They were sprayed with Halford's grey primer, then quickly painted with block colours from GW's Foundation paint range: Iyanden Darksun, Charadon Granite etc. +

+ More than normal figures, objectives and terrain shouldn't be too eye-catching, in my opinion. For that reason, I kept them muted and low contrast. For example, I avoided white on black for the computer screens, instead opting for greeny-greys. To produce the green, I added Daler Rowney sepia ink wet-in-wet into yellow on the pod thing (back row, third from right in the image below) and on the computer screens to make a subtle olive green. +

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  1. Looking good. This kind of stuff always livens up the table.


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