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+ Carmine Muster +

+ More work on the Iron Warriors today. First up, three more Tactical Legionaries to bulk out the squad. I'm up to around fifteen now, I think, so well on the way to a core force. +

+ The shoulder pads are new releases from Master-Crafted Miniatures [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+], and I can't say enough good things about them. Great (digital?) sculpting, clean casts and reasonable prices. An excellent service; and I'm particularly grateful as I suspect these got a release owing to me continually pestering for a follow-up to the earlier large pads the company released. Can't recommend them highly enough. +

+ This chap's a veteran of Carmine Muster, who will either end up as part of a Veteran squad – I'm told volkites are optional for one in five of them – or as a dedicated Tactical Support unit. The answer will likely come after I paint up the gun and decide whether I want to paint more of them. +


  1. Great posing on that center legionary, and I like the little pattern of circles on his armor. Looks almost like a series of nails hammered into the armor.

  2. Nice change from round studs.

  3. Nice work as ever man. Looking forward to seeing some squad pictures.

    Loving the Carmine Muster veteran, both in pose and bits.

  4. I absolutely love your models!

    BTW, may I ask where the legs and torso on the volkite-marine are from?
    Legs look a bit like Cataphractii ones, but still different?

    Also could you tell me which legs you used on the marines in your post "Ecce Paries"?
    I mean the left one with the multimelta and the last ones on the bottom?

    Thank you and kind regards,


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