+ inload: My Armour Is Contempt +

+ Contemptors! A whole Talon (and a bit) of them. +

+ The two new chaps (below) were built from a kitbash of the standard Contemptor and the Death Guard Contemptor. The conversion work was very minor, restricted mainly to trimming away a few details – one of the purity seals, just to differentiate him from others; some Legion numbers etc. In particular, removing the spikes around the Death Guard symbol reduce it to a haloed skull; perfect as a little bit of Ultramarine heraldry or an honorific. I like modifying and retaining some detail, as together with the right paintjob, some modifications can help the finished piece look less like a conversion by suggesting unfamiliar detail. +

+ The extra shoulder guards of the Death Guard Dreadnought echo the pauldrons of my marines very well, and I like the slit visor, reminiscent of many of the Mark II helms I've used in the force +

+ This chap has some more practical molecular bonding studs added to his armour. I trimmed some extra rivets from a Sons of Horus Contemptor head and added them to the standard head (down the forehead) to continue the detail theme from the torso. It also suggests Mark V armour, as well as service studs. +

The rear detailing on the Death Guard Contemptor legs is similar to mark II armour, too. A great little touch.

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