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+ Building on the torsos made last time, here are two officers – a Master of Signal, and a Captain. +

+ Built from Justaerin Cataphractii legs – for the spikes, which are reminiscent of Captain Ventanus' shoulder pad – a Grey Knight terminator torso, Gorgon Terminator arms, 3D printed shoulder pads, a head from one of the Imperial Fist packs (I got this in a trade, so not sure which), and weapons from the Red Scorpion and Mark II power weapon packs, this fellow required a very deep dig in the bits box!

+ Whether he ends up as the de facto leader of the army is up for debate. I'm quite tempted to simply build a load of different officers and just swap between them as I fancy. +

+ The Master of Signals is part of the Ultramarines' special army selection (Rite of War) from the new Age of Darkness rulebook. In any case, I've wanted to build on for a while as I prefer my leaders to do command and control rather than be brawlers. +

+ He uses a hand from the Space Hulk Omnio figure, as it has a cool auspex/monitor thingie built into the palm. Unfortunately, Masters of Signal don't seem to be able to have power fists. Still, I'm sure it can either be deactivated, or simply be large to hold the auspex equipment, rather than powered. +


  1. These guys look pretty cool, I'm really tempted to try my hand at a truescale marine. I don't know if you've seen the trailer for the new Deus Ex game, but there's a bit in it where he extracts data wirelessly from a screen before shutting it off. You could say that the gauntlet is a multi tool that incorporates a personal auspex, holo projector as well as a data scrivener (don't know if that's the right spelling). Just a random idea that popped in when I seen this post :)

  2. I have long traveled your forum post of Warseer and I went here. I love all the stuff you have in Ultramarines your conversions and scratches are amazing and truly inspired.

    I currently work on a Marneus Calgar personalized model, but I am very far from your talent, yes it's true I love your version of Guilliman ^^

    Feel free to come on my blog if you have any advice for me or tips :)

    Cheers !


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