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WIP Wind Rider

+ Descending to the Opprobium Vault on Pudor Armarium, PCRC members often find things lurking in the drifting fields of abandoned space-junk (i.e. piles of sprues and shamefully shelved old projects). One that has lurked in my cupboard for a while is my Iyanden Eldar, and with the prospect of a big game coming up, I've had a great excuse to dig them out. +

+ Warning! Uncensored photos of a very messy painting bureau ahead! +

Twelve Wind Riders... and a mysterious thirteenth canopy, (No idea where that came from!)
+ Boring old batch-painting on these. Not a process I enjoy, but pretty much the only way I'm able to keep the colours vaguely consistent. Looking forward to some freehand work on the canopies, though. +

Lots of Dire Avengers, luckily bought before the recent downsizing of the box from ten to five models.
+ I think of Exarchs as a mix of a religious cult leader, political extremists and martial art teachers. As a result of their inability to break from the path of warfare, they occupy a peculiar position of respect and revulsion in Eldar society. That individuality and personality is a little at odds with the ethos of Craftworld eldar (though it has its own important niche within the culture), and so I want to try to show that in the models. The best way I can think of doing this is to give them their own preferred heraldry. Perhaps some ultra-conservative Exarchs practise styles as close to Asurman's teachings as possible, wearing and teaching the use of equipment only if its use can be traced back; while others adopt a more pragmatic or egocentric approach, skirting close to a personality cult. Doubtless the personality of the Exarch would be affected by his semi-symbiotic suit, and I want to show that. +

+ As a result, each Shrine is going to have a slightly different painting scheme based on the Exarch's personality and preferences. They'll all use the same colours, but in different combinations. A nice change from the hard uniform of my Imperial armies. +

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