+ inload: Cadarn, Autarch of An-Angau +

+ This is an old conversion I've dug out to lead my forces in the upcoming big linked battle we'll be playing in May. I think I've shown him on the blog before, but since he's imminently going to be receiving some paint, I thought I'd throw him up again. +

+ A relatively involved – if easy – conversion, the main difficulty was joining the legs to the torso. The legs are from the clampack Chaos sorceror, and I added a sash (I'm afraid I have no idea where it came from!) as a spacer between the waist and the Dire Avenger exarch body. This gave him a more imposing presence, and added some height. As everyone knows, importance in 40k is directly linked to both your hat's fanciness, and your physical height. +

+ The rest of the conversion is just a kitbash – the head and shoulder blade thingie from the Dark Elf fleetmaster, and the arms and banners from the Dire Avenger sprue. +

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