+ 'These hands are not mine' +

+ A melancholy quote that the novel, Wrath of Iron, attributes to Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the tenth legion. A little more of it:
'Hatred of what is natural, of what is human, is the first and greatest of the corruptions. So I record it here: when the time comes, I will strip my hands of their unnatural silver. I will instruct my Legion to recant their distrust of the flesh. I will turn then away from the gifts of the machine and bid them relearn the mysteries of flesh, bone and blood. When my father's Crusade is over, this shall be my sacred task. When the fighting is done, I shall cure my Legion and myself. For if fighting is all there is, if we may never pause to reflect on what such devotion to strength is doing to us, then our compulsion will only grow. Already I see the madness that path leads to, and so I shall excise the silver from my hands. In doing so I shall weaken myself and my sons, but nonetheless it must be done. The hands are strong, and have created great things, but they are not mine.'

+ I like the Forge World version of Ferrus Manus, but for a few reasons, it just didn't quite hit the spot for me in terms of capturing what I had in my head for the Primarch; so I decided to build one myself.

+ The base model is from Heresy Miniatures. I started by using pure greenstuff to add the flexible power armour undersuit for the joints (always work outwards), then began sculpting the basic shapes of additional armour on top using a mix of ProCreate and greenstuff:

+ With that in place, I continued to bulk up the armour plates. +

+ Next, I'm going to begin the armour on the arms – just the uppers – and begin thinking about the embellishments in more detail. +

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