+ inload: Brother Medardus, Psi-cursed of Clan Trago +

+ Sometimes you have to run with your enthusiasms. My friend Chris, who has an excellent Blood Axe army (Nuzzgrond's Shooty Boyz; though currently being used to represent an M37 force under the command of Og Throatchoppa), asked to play a game of 7th edition over the weekend. I'd recently built myself a gaming table, and thought it'd be great to do it properly and have two fully-painted armies playing over some nice terrain.

+ Obviously, the best idea was not to use any of my painted armies, but instead build and paint a whole Iron Hands army in the two days preceding the game. Cue much panic-painting!

+ The force ended up being ~900pts strong in the end; a testament to just throwing models together and ending up with some combinations of wargear that were rather questionable in terms of effectiveness, but it was great to just throw together models that I liked the look of, instead of meticulously planning everything. +

+ I'll be showing some more of the army as I finish off a few details on them, but for today I'd like to show Brother Medardus, an Iron Hands librarian:

+ I'm really pleased with how he came out – I was going for a 'Doctor Doom' vibe (the Iron Hands aren't very nice!), and ended up with what I think is a very menacing model that owes as much to other comic book characters like Magneto and Iron Man.

+ At the same time, I hope that there's enough 40k in there to tie him in as a character that fits into the universe. When converting with an outside source (like comic book characters) as your inspiration, it's easy to get carried away and just make a version of that character that doesn't fit into the universe. 

+ The model is mainly made from the Forgeworld Mk III Iron Hand pack (torso, legs and head); with one plastic bionic arm and a hand from the Sanguinary Guard kit, I think (I bits-ordered it from eBay ages ago), and the other arm taken from the Dark Angels librarian in the current 40k boxed set. It might seem extravagant to use a model like that for just one arm, but there's loads of him on eBay for ~99p! The backpack is from the mail order exclusive Captain, the remainder of which was used for the basis of my Clan commander (of which more in a future post).

+ I trimmed a section out of the helmet's grille to give a more threatening look, basing it on the helmet from Gladiator. +

 + The name is drawn from a book called The Devil's Elixirs, a Gothic novel I'm enjoying reading. The character doesn't really relate to this Iron Hand, but I thought it was a great name. His forename, Cyle, is a throwaway joke based on my choice of telekinesis as his psychic discipline. There are some great mechnical-type powers in the list, which I thought were most appropriate. Besides, hovering in the air as he is, telekinesis seems pretty important! +

+ Kneel before the Hands of Iron! +

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  1. Damn, I love this guy as well, that last picture is just awesome.


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