+ inload: Lamb's World Imperial Guard command +

+ Dramatis Personae: Caef Terentius Dresden +

+ The oldest character I still use, various iterations of Dresden have commanded my Imperial Guard forces for over a decade in real-time. This latest version represents him at Lief-Maior (bt.) rank during the closing battles of the Shale Campaign, when he was still relatively young. +

+ The model is based on Brian Nelson's brilliant cadian officer, with a very simple head swap for the Dresden head I use on all the figures – the capped head from Forge World's Cadian Respirator pack [+noospheric inload link embedded+]. The fact it's not a bare face goes some way to show how old it was – I made my first conversion of him back when I didn't like painting faces! +

Character-wise, he's a fairly hands-on commander, so I painted him in a scheme that marks him firmly as one of the men; being marked out by a blue sash and some standard honorifics on his armour. +

+ I decided for a nice clean scheme, so no camouflage (in any case, I don't like the look of it on dress coats, like the ones he's wearing here). Otherwise, however, he's painted with the same approach and techniques as the infantry of this army – there's a tutorial here [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] for that if you're interested. +

+ Dresden lived for at least 450 years thanks to juvenat treaments; though doubtless some of that length was owing to the effects of warptime, so he probably didn't get to quite that age. +

+ This shot shows Dresden during the Shale campaign, with a command squad of the 310th Lamb's World regiment.+


  1. I am really enjoying seeing all of your Imperial Guard, bit by bit. I must say though that I really like the Dresden model. The head swap doesn't look at all out of place (which can be the case for certain sculpts) and actually makes him look all the more menacing.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing more!

  2. I really love your Lambsworld Guard. Between your guys & Digits over at the Ammobunker ive shameless pinched many many ideas.

    Thank you for sharing your work.


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