+inload: Fallout on Frigia+

+ Work on all other projects has rather ground to a halt as I get my Eldar painted for the PCRC's big Apocalypse Finale on Frigia. Currently on the desk are the Dire Avengers and Seers. These are the only ones that aren't painted – though there are quite a few details to tackle on the rest of the army. 

+ Forgive the slightly blurry pictures. Obviously their holofields are preserving their modesty at being half-painted.

+ Overall, the Frigia campaign has been great fun, but I've been frustrated – and rather embarrassed – all the way through by my inability to keep up with the modest painting 'deadlines' we set ourselves. The project was intended to expand by 250pt blocks every month, which I just haven't been able to do. This has been for a number of reasons; including being distracted by my guard and marines, dissatisfaction with the results of the ones I have completed, and various real-world things like moving house etc.

+ I'm looking forward to next year, where I can simply bring some old armies out of mothballs to ensure I get back to playing with completely painted armies. It makes for much better games – both visually and because I don't have my suspension of disbelief shattered every two minutes by undercoated models. +


  1. You've managed to get a lovely yellow there, well done! I'm guessing that you're using the yellow GW Glaze?

  2. Ta! I've used GW Yriel Yellow with a layer of Gryphonne Sepia for the yellow on the Seers (and rest of the army), while the Dire Avengers are painted with the lighter pastel yellow from GW's Edge range (Dorn Yellow?) with a layer of Gryphonne Sepia.


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