+ inload: Imperial Navy +

+ Voidsmen +

+ Hooray! I found the upgrade sprue for my Navy Voidsmen, so pictured here are the courageous warriors who have to clear out nasties from Imperial Navy craft – or take the fight to the enemy in the depths of space. +

+ It's a lovely kit, with plenty of variety. If you're teetering on the edge of whether to pick it up because you're concerned about posability, I can reassure you that, with the notable exceptions of the chap with the big shield and the heavy weapon guy, the arms fit neatly on any body. The usual provisos apply, that you should dry fit things, but it's not the case here that there are loads of awkwardly-cut limbs that only fit particular bodies. +

+ The kit comes with a lovely variety of heads – sufficient helms to have an all-enclosed force, or bare heads to allow for a bit more character. There's a great variety of male and female heads, and I'm saving some of these for the upcoming Guard... which, as you can probably guess, I am extremely excited about! +

+ Pictured here are a couple of standard voidsmen with shotguns, plus one who's a bit handy with an axe. The kit has a nice amount of pouches and kit, so your forces can look really self-sufficient. +

+ Pictured here is a CAT and controller, plus another regular breacher. You can assemble the kit as a Kill Team or as a bare-bones squad armed with shotguns. +


+ ... and at another time, in another place... +

+ A selection of Star Wardens – their gilded arms declaring loyalty to Volnoscere – are on the painting bench. All been a bit disrupted recently, but I'm glad to have some hobby time back. +

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