+ inload: Catachan Spotter for Kill Team +

+ 'Get me fire support – now!' +

+ Another of the Ever-Readies finished up on the painting block last night. I was working the remaining half-dozen, and now have just the skin and details to do on the others. I didn't want to end the night with nothing finished, so worked this one up to completion. +

+ He'll be used as a Spotter specialist in Kill Team, so I wanted this role to be clear from the pose. The downside of single-piece metal models is that conversions are considerably more involved. Choice of figure is thus important. +

+ The sculpt is a loader from a lascannon team, so he's (appropriately enough) already pointing out a target to his team mate. +

+ One of the nice things about the Perry sculpts is that they're always well thought-through. This figure works well from any angle, and despite being taken from a two-part mould, has a very naturalistic and convincing pose. +

+ The face was fun to paint; you'll notice that it's worked up to a greater degree than the rest of the figure, in order to draw the eye. +

+ I also added 'Property of 634th' as a bit of kit graffiti. Large areas like the backs of jackets give nice opportunities for details like this that hint at the figure's character. +


+ Catachan Devils +

+ The old Codex: Catachan had the regiments' veterans called 'Catachan Devils' in honour of the ferocious predator of their homeworld. I'm really hoping we see a dedicated Catachan Devils kit for Kill Team. In the meantime, I'll make my own! I'm a little limited by available figures, but I'm aiming to field:
  • Sergeant Veteran* with plasma pistol and power sword
  • Confidant Veteran with boltgun
  • Comms Veteran
  • Demolition Veteran
  • Hardened Veteran
  • Sniper Veteran*
  • Spotter Veteran
  • Gunner Veteran* with flamer
  • Trooper Veteran
  • Trooper Veteran
+ That's a bare bones list, with the unfinished figures picked out with asterisks. I'm confident that I'll get at least those done, in which case the Team will be ready to field alongside Tactical Assets (which I was tempted by anyway, as the idea of calling in off-table support seems quite fitting for the pulp Vietnam War-inspired Catachans). + 

+ If I manage to get them done, then the stretch goal will be to replace the Tactical Assets with:
  • Bruiser Veteran
  • Medic Veteran
  • Trooper Veteran
  • Trooper Veteran
+ But even these specialists will be counts-as figures (e.g. the bruiser will be armed with a chainsword, not a trench club), until I can spend some time sourcing some more appropriate models or convert them. +

+ Finally, I'd really like to build a Catachan-themed ogryn for friendly games. Ogryns are a favourite of mine, and they seem very fitting for a Kill Team-style narrative. It'd have to use homebrew rules for the moment, unless I swap over to using the new Kill Team Moroch Traitor Guard rules, which include an ogryn. +


'No, over there!'

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  1. Oh, I love this one. I had that crew once and remember this particular mini. Gorgeous work indeed!


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