+ inload: War in Heaven +

+ War in Heaven +

[//Eldar Guardians converted from Van Saar+]

+ For reasons that will hopefully soon become apparent, I've been getting enthused about the Eldar and Necrons. If the title's not a clue, the 'War in Heaven' is another of those 40k background events – this one an ancient battle between Necrons and Eldar. The PCRC have mooted a weekend of small games between these two foes, and I thought that sounded awesome. +

+ Christmas has also been lovely, in that I received kits of the Necron special character, Illuminor Szeras and an all-caps-all-the-time CANTOPTEK DOOMSTALKER:

+ I haven't tackled Szeras yet, as most of my hobby time has been focussed on the Isorians for Beyond the Gate of Antares, but the DOOMSTALKER was a really quick kit to put together. In fact, it's a push-fit – though I did secure mine with glue. A very fun model! +

+ Eldar-wise, my plan is to recreate the WD138 Eldar army to complement my WD139 retrohammer Blood Angels force [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] – hope you'll follow along! +

+ To that end, I picked up Artel W's definitely-not-Fire Dragons. A lovely (if expensive) set of sculpts. Since the army only required six, I sent an email and Artel W kindly offered to let me sub in some of the alternative female sculpts (I like the gender balance present in the Eldar). +

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