+ inload: A Third Host of Angels +

+ That which was, that which is and that which is yet to come +

The 3rd Strateia of the Host of Angels

+ The army as it currently stands. Not all that impressive, considering I've been plodding away at this for – what, three years? [REF: Yes, Datalog entry: June 2017 M2; though that has been interspersed with lots of long breaks. +

+ These long periods between short bursts of enthusiasm mean that some inconsistency is inevitable. If this troubles you, then there are a few options:
  • The simplest option is discipline: avoid the breaks and keep going!
  • Make notes on the painting recipes and methods you're using – these can be scribbled on paper or stored on (say) a blog.
  • Learn to lean into slight inconsistency, and don't let the perfect get in the way of the good. 
+ Despite the slow progress, I'm pleased that I've managed to keep the standard up. It's easy to invest your test figure and early miniatures with all your passion and effort, then let your foot off the accelerator for the later ones. With the end in sight, it's easy to coast or rush instead of enjoying the journey. +

+ In my experience, little landmarks – as simple as setting out what you have completed, as as the start of this inload – can help to give you that little reminder of why you started the project, and help to keep the quality up. +


+ Squad Redemptor +

+ I've been building up the paintwork on this squad over the weekend. I was going to break it down into groups of three, but have ended up pushing all of the unpainted ones to roughly the same stage. Slower results, but will mean that they're quick to pick off at the end. +

+ One finished, one nearly complete, and four coming along +

+ The Terminators, converted largely from Forge World's Adeptus Custodes Terminators in order to make them appropriately bulky next to Primaris marines are big, hulking, imposing models 
– my tutorial is here if you want to give it a go [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. I'm pleased to hear the rumours that they'll be getting a stat increase and a few rules to make them hang around in-game a bit longer than previously. It's always rather galling to spend ages preparing something like this only to sweep them off the table in turn one! +

+ Batch painting's not very rewarding, so as soon as I felt my focus waning, I stopped batch painting and instead took one further. He's pictured above, on the left; next to the test model. As you can see, besides the basing and a little freehand for the Crux Terminatus (you can see the silhouette of the shape already), he's basically finished. +

+ The obvious question here is 'why six?' – and there's not really a reason. I basically got carried away building them! I could pull one out and paint him up as an Ultramarine, or Gatebreaker, or Word Bearer... but have decided to keep him as a Blood Angels. He offers additional options to the squad – chainfist or not, assault cannon or not – and will let the models do double-duty in things like Space Hulk. +

+ He's also a good excuse for further expansion – alongside Master Formosus (also in Terminator armour), I'll only need another three to field a second squad. +


+ Squad Paulo +

SQUAD PAULO Sinistro e Dexter: 

Brother Megasil (Porosa 1:54)
Brother Gorgidas (Parmiel 1:25)
Sergeant Paulo (Tatanon; Keeper of Tears 3:02)
Brother Daumier (Kyniel 1:54)
Brother Pontormo (Wormwood 1:03)

+ The other half of The Sorrow of Kings (that is, the Devastator Squad) detailed in this inload [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], Paulo and the others above represent the last basic infantry from the inspiration army. Once they're completed, it's onto personalities and the remaining war machines. +

+ To bracket the inload, then, here's the army alongside what's left to be done:

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