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+ The Eightfold Path +

+ Using the Legiones Astartes in 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 +

+ As a bit of fun, and stemming from this interesting discussion on the Bolter & Chainsword forum [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] I've started working up some tide-you-over rules for using your Age of Darkness models with the new 8th edition rules. +

+ Designer's notes +

+ I've stuck as closely as possible to the Age of Darkness rules, and have, where possible, used existing 8th edition rules – garnered from previews and leaks – as substitutes. Where rules had no equivalent, or did not make sense in 8th edition, I have gone back to the background descriptions for sparing additions. +

+ I have also applied a general rule of keeping things as simple as possible. This has generally meant that minor rules have been simply folded into unit statistics or (occasionally) discarded if they did not translate well, or made things complicated for little reward. +

+ I have aimed to avoid the Siren-call trap of fan rules – viz. the need to fiddle and needlessly add stuff! Doubtless I've failed to some extent, but I hope you will read such additions in context of the broader scope of the project and give them the benefit of the doubt before condemning them or suggesting replacements. +

+ Of particular note – and probably the most contentious decision I've made here – is using the new Primaris Marine statistics as the basis for all of the marines. The reason for this is threefold:
  1. Having two wounds on each Marine opens up a lot of design space. 
    • It differentiates a lot of the weaponry more than would otherwise be the case; making choice of weaponry more meaningful – important in a game that is mainly based around such similar armies. 
    • Similarly, if Astartes have 2W, it makes them appropriately tougher than Solar Auxilia, Cultists etc. when (and if) I get round to converting them.
  2. It makes the basic Space Marine more meaningful. Many Age of Darkness games revolve around elites and tanks, and an aim of this project is to make large units of Marines more attractive.
    • On a minor note, it ameliorates the jump between 1W and 2W models in the existing Age of Darkness ruleset.
    • Of particular note: certain elite Terminator units in Age of Darkness have 2W, making them more than twice as survivable as their equivalents in other Legions. Starting from a baseline of 2W allows such units to become 3W, making them only 50% more survivable.
  3. I believe the Primaris Marines statistics better represent Astartes, and that the new edition has been written with them in mind; with the existing Astartes rules included for backwards-compatibility.

+ Troops +

+ An obvious starting point, here're the Legion's basic troops. You should be able to click on each image to enlarge it to a more legible size: 

+ Fury of the Legion is based on the idea of the hail of fire described in the background. Rather than adding a firing twice rule, I've effectively given an alternative fire mode. +

+ The Nuncio-vox rules has no equivalent in 8th, so I've taken a leaf from the leaked Imperial Guard orders and applied a minor benefit to encourage squads to stick with their leaders. +

+ A notable absence is the Legiones Astartes special morale rules. Falling back no longer happens, and in all honesty, I think simply having a relatively high Ld characteristic is sufficient and suitable. The Vexilla goes a long way to making the Astartes as staunch as in 7th. +

+ I toyed with Breachers having 2+ armour – effectively, being permanently in cover. However, my gaming group felt that didn't sit right, so I've given the Boarding Shield a similar rule to the Thousand Sons' All Is Dust rule. +

+ The Volkite rule is based on a reverse mechanic to that of the overheating plasma gun. I have not distinguished between Grav and Graviton weaponry, and have simply used the existing 8th edition rules for the Graviton gun. +

+ Combat shields seem pretty awesome here, but the rules are straight from 8th. Points values will probably help here, but that's a long way off! +

+ The Rotor Cannon is a salvo weapon in 7th, which has no equivalent in 8th. I toyed with making it Heavy and giving it a second firing mode when moving, but eventually plumped with the simpler option of making if Rapid Fire. Six shots at half range should make it occasionally worthwhile, too. +

+ Shroud bombs are based on Smoke Launchers from the Imperial Guard; Flanking Manoeuvres on the Rough Riders' rule of the same name, which replaces 7th ed. Outflank. Recon Armour includes the infiltrate equivalent. I could think of no elegant replacement for Acute Senses, but since it's such an minor advantage, I dropped it. +

+ Directed Fire is a new rule based loosely on the Guard's Master of Ordnance special rule, though toned-down to reflect the relative ease with which Reconnaissance marines can get into position and their resilience. This rule is an indulgent addition, but a forgiveable one, I hope – it's intended to encourage a synergistic and inter-reliant approach for the Legiones Astartes (much like the Nuncio-vox rule), which I think fits nicely into the 8th edition design philosophy. More importantly, it neatly reflects the role that the Reconnaissance Marines have – sneaking close to identify targets. +


+ I'd love to hear your thoughts – particularly if you spot an error – and will continue to refine these rules based on emerging rules (e.g. if official rules for the lascutter emerge) and, more importantly your feedback – though please bear in mind I'm just doing this for a bit of fun, so please don't be offended if I don't make particular alterations based on your thoughts, however eloquently they're put forward! +

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  1. Just discovered your blog on a link from B&C. Starting an Iron Warriors 30K army myself - your work is incredibly inspiring! Love the thoughts and work done on AoD conversion to 8th and looking forward to HQ, Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy Support entries!


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