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+ A busy weekend left me with small periods of downtime. Fifteen minute periods scattered here and there through the day are not great for painting beyond basecoating, but it's fantastic for building models and sculpting details. Fifteen minutes is just enough time to mix up some putty, build a model, and then use the putty to sculpt on some details and fix any holes. +

+ These six marines have been given a pre-prime. I do this to helps pot any bits that are popping out as wrong once all the different colours – one of the downsides of using multiple colours of metal, resin and plastic, plus scavenging bits off old models – have been cleared out with grey. +

+ The downside of these short stints is that if you do get called away, it's easy to miss a stage. The marine with a heavy bolter here hasn't had the 3D printing lines filed away on his shoulder pad, so I'll need to get in there with a needle file before I start to paint. +

+ While work on the Ultramarines (above) continued steadily, the bulk of my hobby time was taken up with a Raven Guard marine for the Bolter and Chainsword's March of the Legions project. This is focussing on a different legion every month, working backwards from XX (Alpha Legion) to I (Dark Angels). While I've only done two marines so far, it's been a great opportunity to try out some unusual ideas and techniques. Here's a preview of the Raven Guard, Brother Ykypanipo, Nightmarcher. +

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