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+ Post one hundred! You may have noticed that I've been a little quiet over November, and that's because I've been wracking my synapses to come up with something suitable for post one hundred. Following is a (mercifully) brief look over the blog's past, some thoughts for the next hundred posts, and finally a little project which I hope you'll be inspired to join in with. +

+ The first hundred +

+ Firstly, let me thank you for reading this blog. At the time of writing, the blog has had 25,013 views, and 63 people (or cunningly disguised clones/synthetics/Vanus temple assassins) following me. It's great to have a space to post my pontifications, and really nice to interact with you all. Thanks for joining me on this – occasionally discursive – ride.

+ The first post was published on the 4th September 2013, and detailed a group of characters from the 41st Millennium I planned to develop, build and paint. As of now, I have completed none of them... The vexatious scribe, who I have at least built, is still on my desk, awaiting inspiration.

+ Since the beginning, the blog has seen posts about Black Cutter orks, Eldar from Iyanden, various groups of Imperial Guardsmen, soldiers from Infinity, lunatic priests from Immoren, stoic space marines and various other dwellers across space, time and the dimensions. 

+ Having a little space on the noosphere to share my thoughts has provided a little repository of paint recipes to which I can refer (I hope some of you have found my thoughts useful), as well as a space for some background and battle reports. +

+ The next hundred +

+ So, what's next? Essentially, more of the same. My aim for the next 100 posts is to get the Ultramarines 'completed'. Very few of my projects are finished – I almost inevitably return to pull bits apart and rework them, or simply add to them – but I'd like to get the army to a state where I am content with every aspect. That'll be the aim for post CC.

+ Secondly, I'd like to dig into the archives and finish off a couple of the Rubricist's group of the displaced – at last.

+ Thirdly, I'd like to get a bit more interaction going with the blog community. As well as some very welcome encouragement and guidance, I've got some great ideas and suggestions from you all, so I'll be making an effort to respond to every reply, and to hopefully give back a little of what you all offer. Cheers all – here's to another hundred posts. +

+ Finally +

+ The internet is a series of tubes, with traditions of which I am familiar 

+ As I understand things, it's traditional for blogs to set up little mini projects or competitions to mark significant posts. I could think of no better way to say thank you to the community than by injecting a little 'scrapcode' into the noosphere and get some activity going.

+ Given the prompt 'The Rubricist's Vessel of Ages', I invite you to:

1) Build and paint a single model – anything at all, from a starship to a lost villager – to personify your blog. Have fun working out what your blog would be if it were a miniature. Post it up to your blog and share the fun!

Once that's done...

2) Pick a blog that you follow and create a model to personify that blog – again, work out what that blog would be if it were a miniature. Once you're finished, please get in contact with the blog's owner(s) and send it over in the post as a gift to the community.

+ I hope this'll inspire some little community gifts and make some very happy Christmas/New Years for the recipients. Of course, it'd also be fantastic to see your work on your blogs, so please share and share alike :) +

+ Good luck, thanks for reading, and may the Omnissiah guide your hand! +


  1. Congrats to you for the milestone !

    What would be the model to embody your own blog then ? (and what blog/model would you pick in return?) You've gott to lead the way you know?

    Great job here, always a pleasure to come around.

    1. Ah-ha – suspected someone would point this out :)
      I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and use the 'vexatious scribe' – he's the hooded scribbler that I built ages ago and need to paint. He was always intended to be an allusion to the rubricist of the blog's title, and he looks a bit like the picture I tend to use on forums (the one at the top of the post).

      If I get him finished, will you take up the challenge? :)

    2. I'm all for community projects so yes i'll take up the challenge, I have to say I haven't fully understood if it implies for me to make 2 models (one for my blog and one for another) but I'll definitely make one for some blogger I follow and who I know to be supportive of such stuff. ;)

    3. Brill! I've edited the post to make things a bit less opaque, but the basic idea is to make something for your own blog, and a second one for someone else.

      Feel free to poach the 'Vessel of Ages' artwork and spread the idea around if you fancy.

  2. Congratulations on the milestone! I am such a fan of this blog.

    Now. . . if I were to make a model to personify the Guardsman-a-Day what would it be? Maybe a mini diorama of futuristic soldiers in their underwear and wool socks waiting in line for boiled onions, holding metal plates and smoking cigarettes.

    I'll continue to work on this. Keep up the good work.

    1. Cheers, and great to have you on board. Love the idea of miniature boiled onions! :D


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