+ inload: Orks! +

+ I'm going to keep a beady eye out for a few classic ork models that I really love – like the tinboyz – or perhaps make my own homages to them.

+ Of course, I need an army to put them in, so work continues apace. Here's two more boyz; one with a big choppa and a snazzy helmet, the other with a choppa, slugga and some trophy helmets.

+ ...what's that hanging on his belt? +

+ Some poor sods from the Stars of Dorn and the Raven Guard Fifth Company. The Ishilites escaped because I've run out of Hawk Turquoise; but just you wait, Warmtamale. Still need to fight Omricon's Hammers of the Emperor and grahamgilchrist's Emperor's Hawks... and that's not to mention the various other Space Marines in the sector.

+ Gotta kill em all! +

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