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+ I've been building my Ultramarines army for years now – I started my Warseer blog back in 2008*, and it has since hit half a million views. Quite a humbling number!

+ Here's a quick snap of the first marine of the latest batch to have the blue highlighting started. This is made with a mix of Mordian Blue and Fenris Grey (I think; it's the new Space Wolves Grey equivalent, anyway), which is applied to the highlight areas and blended away. This will in turn be highlighted up with a lighter mix made from Fenris Grey and a touch of pure white to get the final highlights; after which it's on to basing and details. +

+ Currently on the workbench is a big batch of more regular marines. It's at this point that I'm reminded why I like big infantry armies. Individuals are great, and being able to bring your artistic focus on to a single miniature is wonderful; but seeing a group of models come together to form a complete, mobile diorama, where they can interact with one another to realise the artworks of the Warhammer 40,000... well, that's just wonderful. +

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  1. a few questions...

    how many marines do you have in your preheresy ultramarines
    have you done conversions for characters like the sergent on the front o the book censure?
    how are your should pads made?

    none the less brillaint work, i am doing truescale prehersy ultramaines based on these, but something ive found helps is casting, have you considered it yet? because its not as duanting as it looks, and it helps for heads being unifrom and shouldpads the same size, and basic torsos, i know people say then theres no variation but you can sculpt on top of it

    one sugestion for these, the shoulder pad iconograghy on your very first marines on your thread on warseer, they were brilliant, are you going to do that to these?


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